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What People are Saying

about Heroes Below

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Paul's Testimony

Heroes Below arose from answered prayer; a conversation with God.

Approximately 1 year prior to my retirement, I had a conversation with God about how I could serve Him and others once I stepped away from corporate life. God was kind enough to remind me of my 2 passions; helping others and blowing bubbles. He set my mind to thinking about who could benefit from these 2 passions. After considerable contemplation, His Holy 2x4 tapped me on the back of the head with this question; of all the groups you can think of, who do you consider under-appreciated? The thought immediately came to mind, our Military and First Responders. From that point on, I developed a laser focus to bring about a program to provide stress reduction and increased relaxation to our Military and First Responders.

I give all Glory, Praise, and Honor to God for allowing me to be His hands and feet to minister

to all participants in the Heroes Below program.

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