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How Can I Be Part of Heroes Below?

Heroes Below is a COST-FREE program offered in Central Texas to all Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders; male and female, able-bodied and disabled. The pool time, SCUBA gear, SCUBA instructor’s time is all donated. The only cost to any Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders is your time. Several Heroes Below SCUBA instructors are “Classified Diver” certified and have worked with military veterans with disabilities.


How the Program Works

Through the use of basic SCUBA gear and confined pool settings, Heroes Below offers an underwater zero gravity experience, floating in 6-8 feet of water while listening to your bubbles.

What to Expect

Heroes Below can accommodate:

  • 1-6 participants per session.

  • The end goal of relaxation/stress reduction starts in the shallow end of the pool and we work our way into the deep end; but, the real goal is to experience the magic between the shallow end and the deep end!

Session 1 (1.5 hours):

  • An introduction to the SCUBA gear and how all of the equipment works.

  • You will learn how to breathe from the SCUBA tank through a regulator that rests in your mouth.

  • Subsequent sessions will last approximately 1 hour. We will progress to the deep end of the pool ONLY when you feel comfortable enough to move forward.

And, there is so much more once you have experienced it!

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